Role of Social Media in brand awareness

Social Media is one of the biggest things that ever came into existence and according to recent statistics; more than 97% of the population are active on social media. Invent of social media portals brought a drastic change in how people used to interact with each other. Earlier, a portal namely “Orkut”, which was a Google’s product, came into existence and people became aware of how social media portal works. In early 90’s the sole medium of communication used to landline phones which gradually moved up to mobile phones as technology advancements took place.

Due to low internet speeds during the beginning of 20th century, e-mails began to plunge but that too only for formal communication. Now let us talk about how the era of Social Media came and how did advertising start evolving over social media portals.

As people became aware of internet and its uses, & started using search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google, there came into existence, “Orkut” which was discontinued by Google after “Facebook” took whole of the internet on it. As Facebook had a lot more features than Orkut, and people became aware and addicted to social media, it was the best time to hit users with advertising. As we know that a website does not have any other passive income, it is only advertising that provides the website owners with sufficient funds to maintain the website. YouTube is also one of the largest social media networks that exist now-a-days with over billions of users worldwide.

It would not be wrong that almost all of the world is on internet and spend most of their time using Social Media sites. Now this is where we can think about branding. Branding is a part of advertising: basically, injecting something into people’s mind by showing them a pictographically represented image of a brand. By means of psychology, we know that humans make decisions based on what they see and their familiarity. Let us take an example of toothpaste: people see a television ad of Colgate toothpaste, but not of Cibaca, although there is not much difference in both but sale of Colgate is a lot more than Cibaca because people are aware of Colgate as they see its ads everywhere.

Let us understand the importance of social media by taking an example of a person who is looking for a job. The first thing a person would look before joining a company or giving an interview is, its online presence. One will always look for reviews on social network and also how many people are following the company. This gives us an idea of prominency and firmness of the social media on internet.

Social Media portals use artificial intelligence in advertising on their network. Ads are now shown on the basis of user’s interaction with the content on the website. Advertising segregates people based on their long time and short time interests, so it becomes easier for advertisers to target people appropriately without wasting money on people who they think might not be interested in their ad. So advertising on Social Media is a very good choice for brand awareness and it is also a lot cheaper than Search Engine Marketing and traditional marketing where there is no scope of narrowing the audience. We also have a feature available these days by using which we can follow the people who have previously shown interest in our Ad. This feature is popularly known as remarketing which is also a good way to make a conversion or sale. This is how important and powerful social media has become and cannot be overtaken by anything else in terms of branding.

Here are some tips for running brand awareness campaigns on social media:

  1. Choose the right social media platform according to the type of service or the product which the brand has. For example: An apparel brand should not be running their branding campaign on LinkedIn.
  2. Target the right audience according to the type of service or product. Targeting audience on one of the most important factor that affects your branding campaign.
  3. Find out the right Geo for your brand. One must always know where the advertising campaign needs to be run. Choosing the wrong geo will definitely make you run out of money with no results at all.
  4. Keep an eye on advertising campaign behavior. One can always optimize and make the branding campaign work even more and extract maximum results out of it by monitoring them regularly.
  5. Follow up and keep in touch with your customers to convert them into regular customers. It makes clients feel that the brand cares for him and this builds a professional relationship.

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