Doing Summer Right with Printed Cotton Crop Tops!

Finally, the wait is over of the most awaited season, “summers”. I have become so pro in handlooms, made in India fashion and Homegrown labels. It demands us to wear more cotton and free-breathing fabrics and styles. Crop top continues to reign both on the runway and on the streets, but these Pull-cord details do not just make for a decorative approach to ’90s basics in the high-summer graphics trend with clashing bright tropical prints that: 

What do you wear crop tops for?

To beat the heat and to go through those hectic days of our routine, we decide some garments which have their own way of speaking and making an atmosphere fashionable and trendy. Crop tops are one of the garments which contribute some glamour to the fashion industry. People with extreme boring days requires such a piece of a break to keep them motivated and provide a little adventure so that the upcoming week brings a bang into their schedule. Weekends are full of craziness and insanity and completely self-enjoyable moments in which we can wear anything and everything to fulfill our desires and to satisfy our soul which is shouting and asking a trendy look to be in. Crop Top transforms even a simple person into a fashionable one and when in terms of flaunting, she becomes more bold and brilliant to stand in the crowd to be a sizzling example of a trendsetter. You can easily buy crop top online using Myntra Coupon Code with great offers.

Ways to Wear Crop Tops

1. Measure the length- Various lengths are being listed in order to match with your priority.
Be it till upper or lower waist, imperial-line, etc. It is essential to know your style because no one knows you better except you. Deciding length appeals in a different way as you can pair up with any suitable lower. Skirts will require a crop top having waist length whereas a short can demand more cropped than that.
2. Decide on a fit- This is the main reason fewer people wear croppies as they doubt their fit and are conscious about their figures as they want the best to flaunt among the rest. To be more adorable in the eyes of your love, try to wear those crops which fit you and a little ease is there to make your look be appropriate.
3. Go with whatever style makes you feel comfortable and beautiful One should always be in a fit which gives him comfort and makes him feel confident about getting dressed. Who said only a slim trim girl can wear a crop top? Rumors and humor don’t have feedback. So, wear as per your mood and make your hi-fi move in the crowd and let your style speaks through the way of your dressing.

14 Ways to Style the Crop Top-:

  1. Get high –Waisted
  2. Outfit for a bright midi
  3. Take Baby steps
  4. Take on sleeves
  5. Get Loose
  6. A Temporary Tie-up
  7. Fake it with a faux – crop
  8. Swing High – then low
  9. Pull on culottes
  10. Get matchy-matchy
  11. Play hid and seek
  12. Layer ‘Em Up
  13. Not Quite 9-5
  14. Make a full – length scene

What is the difference between a crop top and top?

In the modern era, we are always in a mood to flaunt our figures, after all, grinding in the Gym asks showing off. So why not wear such garments which has a crop cut in it. Crop tops are one of them and are versatile as they can be worn with any of the bottom garments be it a skirt or short.
Tops are all rounder and can be worn to any place but crops cannot be worn to any place.

20 Ways to Wear A Crop Top?

 Crop Top with A Long Skirt
 Crop Top with A Lehenga
 Crop Top with Denim Skirt
 Crop Top with Jeans
 Crop Top with Palazzo
 Crop Top Blouse with a Saree
 Crop Top with Shorts
 Crop Top with A Pencil Skirt
 Crop Top Indo Western Style
 Crop Top with a Jacket
 Crop Top with Peplum Skirt
 Crop Top with Flared Skirt
 Flared Crop Top
 Crop Top as a Formal Shirt
 Crop Top with High Waisted Shorts or Trousers
 Crop Top with Suspenders
 Crop Top with Maxi Skirt
 Crop Top with A Flannel Shirt
 Off-Shoulder Crop Top
 Denim Shirt as a Crop Top Tie Up

Which accessories to carry with a crop top?

Accessories play a major role in our dressing sense as they enhance our beauty by adding more value to our garments. Stylish and designer junk pieces of jewelry look appropriate on a crop top even if you are wearing it on any occasion. We need to upgrade our fashion sense according to the places we are visiting. If we are heading to hilly areas, one can wear just small studs in ears and a stylish long neck piece on a crop top with trousers or jeggings to look classier and sassier. Moreover, if you are looking for Ecommerce jobs then it could be the best chance to try it.

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